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Title: Turn-ons
Pairing: Santana/Brittany
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Brittany loved Santana's lips. They were the most kissable pair of lips she'd ever laid her mouth on, bar none.
Spoilers: Episode 18, Laryngitis
Word Count: 344
Author's Note: It's short and silly, but I couldn't help myself. I wrote this right after Laryngitis aired.

Brittany loved Santana's lips. They were the most kissable pair of lips she'd ever laid her mouth on, bar none. No contest. Just give her the award already, she deserved it. She loved those lips being anywhere on her body. It was where they belonged, they just turned her on so damn much it was almost painful.

Brittany had kissed a lot of people. Girls, boys, janitors. But at the end of the day there was only one person that really mattered to her. One person who it really meant anything with, and that person was the person she was currently on top of, sitting sideways in her lap. Arm wrapped behind her friend's head, Brittany pulled and held the other girl close as they continued to kiss. Not that she needed to hold the other girl there, considering the way Santana was practically fusing their bodies together at the moment, readjusting them so that Brittany straddled her.

One smack of the lips, two, a tender nibble and a rough push to deepen it. A moan of delight. The Latina had a hand in the blonde's hair, scrunching it with her fingers, another hand at her bottom, squeezing her through her jeans. She continued to burn hot kisses against her mouth. God, Brittany loved that feeling. To show her appreciation, she snuck her hand up underneath her lover's shirt, trailing her fingers along the edge of her bra teasingly before giving her breast a good hard squeeze.

And then Brittany pulled back, a hazed look on her face. A dreamy, hopeful, loving expression. Aroused and wanting more. God she was beautiful. Santana would do anything to see that face every moment of the day.

"San?" Brittany asked, looking expectant.

Santana looked at the other girl, then trailed light kisses across her collarbone as she muttered out a, "Hmm?" in response.

"Kiss my armpits."

There was a heavy pause between the two girls. For a long moment, Santana could do nothing but stare at Brittany with this… this face. Then she sighed, "Only for you."


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